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Best Stock Brokers in India: Online Brokerage House with Quality, Uniqueness, and More….

The number of possibilities pop up in front of you when your pick is outstanding. Grab the Best Stock Broker inBest Stock Broker in India India with the online zero brokerage range, covering the extensive network of brokers lying on the facet of Indian stock market. Once you initiate with the best share broker, you would gear up to cover all the crucial market dimensions. The enticing features of the perfect online broker play a major part by reflecting their composite structure. So, try not to ignore even the slightest point that may hamper your market progress.

If you are going to commence your trading journey, you would have certainly envisioned about making a good profit through the best online brokerage firm. To make it real, we will help you to have the true picture of the top share brokers already existing in the stock market of India. After doing comparison among them, you can get the best share broker in India easily.

Also, keep the diligent watch at the underlying facts of the online stock brokers while acquiring the right broker for you. The full-length view of what type of share broker, you actually require is also equally important. That can either be an online discount broker or a full-time broker. It will take you to the right financial parameters required to reach the pinnacle of any online investment zone. To rise as an astute trader give preference to the broker offering lowest brokerage plans. As it is one of the major qualities of the leading online stock broker in India.

Get the Best Share Broker in India from Leading Online Brokerage Firms

We have integrated together the major online stock brokers in India with the quick glimpse of their possessions. So that, before choosing the best share brokers for yourself, you first get the basic idea of all the leading stock brokers in India.

Dating back to a decade ago, the brokers existing in the Indian stock market were full-service brokers. Then soon the online discount brokerage houses appeared in the market as a revolution in the whole stock broking industry. The discounted brokerage rates simply suit all kind of traders. Some of the popular discount brokers are Wisdom Capital, SAS Online, 5 Paisa, Upstox etc. Moreover, some well-known full-time brokers are ICICI Direct, HDFC Security, Sharekhan, Angel Broking etc.

Regardless of the fact that we have discussed both the categories of online brokerage firms in this section, you just decide the one you are comfortable to trade with.

High-priority Stock Broker in India: Why is it considered as a top stock brokerage firm?

While forming the layout of your trade objective, you may want to seek the online zero brokerage firm/ lowest brokerage rates and the one with the robust trading terminal to experience the perfect trading. Also, you might look for the broker offering the highest margin in India to go parallel with the high positions set by the stock exchange of India that might take seconds to digest the figure. It depends completely on what type of trader you are. So, have a look at the traits that make the broker eligible to be the best stock brokers in India.

Qualities of the best stock broker in India

    • Lowest brokerage rates
    • The highest margin in India
    • Extraordinary planning
    • Quality Trading Platform
    • Having the sound knowledge of financial facts
    • A strategic approach to the market advancements
    • Distinctive idea of rising high in Indian stock market
  • Attractive Add-ons and other value-added services

Being trustworthy online stock broker and flexible to various financial segments also contribute to the qualities acquired by the best share broker in India.

Compare and Find the Perfect Share Broker in India

We have presented the top 10 stock brokers in India in both the categories of brokers. Our assessment shown below is simple and precise so that you may happily proceed in trading with the best stock broker in India. Here, we have tried to consider all the top share brokers along with their brokerage and other useful measures to look at. It is good to explore the detailed structure, but why to donate long hours if we can easily get the idea with the simple table.

List of Best Stock Brokers in India from Online Discount Brokerage Category

Stock Broker in India Demat Account Opening Fee Demat Account(AMC) Brokerage rate Trading Platform Ranking
Wisdom Capital Free Rs 999+GST 0.00 in all NSE, BSE FNO MCX all segments NSE NOW, NEST, Fox Trader 1
SAS Online Rs 200 Rs.200 Rs 9 per trade or 0.07% per trade NEST, Alpha Trader 2
5 Paisa NIL Rs 400 per year Rs 10 per executed order 5 Paisa Trade Station 3
Zerodha Rs 300 Rs 300 per year Rs 20 or 0.01% whichever is lower Zerodha PI 4
Upstox Rs 150 Rs.150 Rs 20 per trade after that. UPSTOX Pro 5
Trade Smart Online Rs 200 Rs 300(2nd year onwards) Rs 15 per order NEST 6
SAMCO NIL NIL Rs 20 per trade SAMCO Web Express 7
TradePlus Online Rs 199 Rs 900 for 10 yrs Rs 20 per trade as per standard plan NSE NOW 8
Trade Jini Rs 300 Rs.300 Rs 20 per executed order NSE NOW, NEST 9
Ventura Securities Rs 300 Rs.400 Rs 50 /lot for Equity Options Ventura Pointer 10

List of Best Stock Brokers in India from Full-service brokerage firms

Stock Broker in India Account Opening Charges Demat Account(AMC) Brokerage  Trading Platform Ranking
ICICI Direct Rs 975 Rs 600 0.55% Trade Racer 1
HDFC Security NIL Rs. 750 Higher of 25 or .5% HDFC Securities Blink 2
Sharekhan Rs 750 Rs 441 0.50% Trade Tiger 3
Angel Broking NIL Rs 450 0.50% Angel SpeedPro 4
SBI Securities Rs 850 Rs 350 0.75% SBI Smart Express 5
Motilal Oswal Rs 550 Rs 900 .5 – .9% Orion Lite 6
IDBI Paisa Builder Rs 700 Rs 350 0.50% Power Pro 7
Bonanz NIL Rs 250 0.50% NEST 8
Indiabulls Rs 1350 Rs 450 0.30% Power Indiabulls 9
Religare Rs 500 Rs 300 0.30% Equity ODIN Diet 10

Why Online Zero Brokerage firm preferred while selecting the Best Share Broker in India?

There is no doubt that the online discount brokers are preferred over the traditional brokers nowadays.Best Share brokers in India The main purpose of this concept is to extend the trading reach to all kinds of traders. Some traders while starting their trading might worry about the risks involved. With the online zero brokerage house, you need not to bother about the brokerage part at all.

You can smoothly take the helm to move forward to have a perfect trading experience through the leading stock broker in India. There are certain online share brokers offering minimum brokerage charges. Among those, Wisdom Capital has appeared as the one offering zero brokerage/free trading to its clients among the top brokers in India.

An online zero brokerage company not only provides free investment zone but also renders all the possible quality services required to let you rise as an astute trader in the Indian stock market. Some brokers offer flat-fee per trade, that is also discounted but when you are done with the overall trade with them, you will come to know that, how much money you have lost as a brokerage on an overall basis. For instance, if a broker is offering Rs 20 brokerage per trade, for 20 trades it will cost Rs 400. Furthermore, if a being a heavy trader, one executes 100 trades in a single day, the brokerage here will be Rs 2000, this is just an initial state. Similarly, in an algorithmic trading, 1000 trades take place on a regular basis. In this case, you can yourself evaluate the high brokerage, one has to pay. So, by choosing the zero brokerage stock broking company, the trader is free to spend only in investing/trading and saves a lot on brokerage part.

Leading Discount Stock Broker in India: Top Discount Brokers’ short reviews

1. Wisdom Capital

It is already a best discount broker in India. The outstanding services that the broker offers brought it in the forefront while you look for top 10 stock broker in India. Also recognized as the zero brokerage online broker, the discount brokerage firm provides margin as high as 60 times in equities for intraday trading.

2. SAS Online

The stock broking company has started offering discount brokerage services in 2013. It has been emerged as one of the leading discount brokerage firms in India. It allows trading in various market modules like equities, FNO, currency, commodity. The stock broker does not support NRI trading.

3. 5 Paisa

5 Paisa is the India Infoline’s division. The online brokerage company has a membership of NSE and BSE. It allows trading in equities, commodities, IPO, Mutual Funds etc. The trading account opening fee applicable is Rs 650. The broker offers convenient brokerage and appeared in the list of best stock broker in India.

4. Zerodha

The brokerage rate of Rs 20 per trade was first introduced by the this online stock broker in India. The flat fee concept was appreciated. But, nowadays more discounted brokerage rates are available in the Indian stock market, even much lower prices than Zerodha.

Best Stock Broker in India: Major full-service brokers short review

1. ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct is a full-service broker and can be considered while selecting best share broker in India in full-time broker’s category. The brokerage firm is a segment of ICICI securities which has the wide network in India. For better financial advisory ICICI Direct is a right choice for you.

2. HDFC Security

Being the part of HDFC, the financial stock broker offers 3 in 1 account. The full service broker also encourages training and education. Trading in market segments like IPO, Mutual Funds etc is possible. One of the limitations of HDFC Security is that it does not offer trading in commodity market of India.

3. Sharekhan

Sharekhan is another leading broker in the stock broking industry. The stock broker offers online training, seminars to the investors. The extensive network of the broker forecast it at the front position in the full-service broker category and reflects it in the list of top share brokers in India.

4. Angel Broking

Angel Broking also holds the features to be seen among the top-level stock brokers in India. When you explore for the best share broker in India, you can consider the one for the full time broker need. The k brokerage house is existing for more than a decade now.

This section of online zero brokerage is focused to help you find the top stock broker. We hope that you make the best use of what you gleaned here. Go ahead and reap the benefits. Happy Trading!

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