Zero Brokerage in India

What does it mean?

Zero Brokerage is a plan where broker offers no charge for any kind of trade. This concept was commenced keeping in mind the rising number of traders. According to the report based on some recent research we found that, there are many stock brokers who claim to offer zero brokerage but in reality, they used to charge on per trade basis. Besides this they also charge upfront rate on monthly, yearly and lifetime basis. This diminishes the value of trade you wanted to pursue, as you will have to pay hefty amount of money in such cases. But Wisdom Capital is the only stock broker that justifies Zero brokerage plan in a true sense. It has created a revolution in the context of minimal brokerage offering in India.


Experience the Lowest Brokerage Online Trading with Discount & Full- Services Brokers

Before you proceed for trading in the stock market,you have to select top stock brokers who can assist you and provide the best trading services. There are various online brokers providing Zero Brokerage, allowing you to trade in equity, share, commodity,NIFTY futures and options etc. You have to understand the differences between brokers and have to go through with the reviews about best share brokers in India to take a particular decision to choose the best broker that fulfill your trading requirements. Do not forget to check the promotional offers recently run by them. You can avail the offer with the best brokerage benefits. Currently, you can get outstanding discount stock brokers and Full-service brokers that can give you an exclusive stock market services.

Best Online Discount Brokers : Good for Beginners and Small Businesses as they offer you Zero Brokerage Charges

There are numerous top brokerages firms available online which are offering 100% customer satisfaction. Some of them have the free trade zone. It contributes 2% of the market turnover with its daily turnover crossing more than 7000 crores. Several brokerage houses are beneficial for both experienced and new investors. The discount brokerage firms are providing an ideal platform for unlimited trading in the stock and commodity market. These brokerage firms are successfully generating good trust among the trading fraternity and they have prompting customer care services. They provide the integrated commodity,currency, equity and mutual funds trading platforms with the minimal or zero brokerage charges. The discount broker firms are the best options to earn money by the several investors.

Smartly Trade Online & Avail the Benefits

You should choose brokerage firms who will give you unlimited trading options with lowest brokerage plans. With numerous stock brokers, you can get the better trading services without any hidden brokerage charges. Also, you can open a free Demat and trading account which is possible with some top broker houses.

Compare the Brokers: Choose the Right Option, go for Low/Zero Brokerage plans

You can compare the several stock brokers and go for the best option. The brokerage comparison will help to identify the top brokerage services provider. You can choose your desired brokerage house, according to your requirements and budgets. Brokers comparison is needed to suggest you the best brokerage services provider firm and protect you from the market risk factor. Get the several brokers online and open your Demat & Trading account to avail the outstanding services. When you open a Demat account with a broker, you are choosing them as your partner in financial growth. Finding the best stock brokers who suit your requirements.That can be very rewarding and also give you peace of mind. There are various options to choose the top brokers to figure out the right one. Each broker have different brokerage services with their aspects and strategic model.

The Indian stock brokers can be classified into 3 categories depending on their services


1. Discount Stock Broker

2. Full- Service Broker

3. Stock Broker having 3 in 1 Account Facility

Some Overview about Discount and Full-Services Brokers are given below:

1. Top 10 Discount Stock Brokers in India offering Zero Brokerage

Discount Brokers provide services to trade stocks, commodities, currency at lowest brokerage as compared to a full service brokers. When you choose a discount stock brokers, they are the best choice to offer you large revenue or profit. You can trade with lowest brokerage fees. If you don’t trade frequently, you don’t have to pay the brokerage fees at all. They offer only the necessary trading facility at the least possible cost. They enable the traders to carry out online share trading with minimal brokerage charges.







Wisdom Capital


Lifetime Free

0.00 in NSE, BSE F&O. MCX & NCDEX.


Rs 200


Rs 20 or 0.01% lower.


Rs 200


Rs 20 or 0.01% lower.

Angel Broking

Rs 350

Rs 300



Rs 300


Rs 20 or 0.01% lower.

SAS Online

Rs 400


Rs 9 per trade.

My Value trade

Rs 300


Rs 10 per Trade.


Rs 300


Rs 20 per trade.

Trade Smart Online

Rs 400


Pay max of Rs 15/order.

TradePlus Online

Rs 300


Rupees 799/month in NSE.

5 Paisa

Rs 150


Rs 10 per Order.

2. Full- Service Broker

Full-service brokers offer bigger support to the clients and it is specially provides professional assistance on particular trades. However, the clients have to pay extra for the brokerage fees. Before you start trading the funds should transfer to the brokerage account. If you are very new to the share market, this brokerage is good for you to guide you completely. They often provide training and online seminar for the clients. If you want to have short term money making skills then go for full-service brokerage option. They provide the best Demat account opening facilities.

BrokerNameOpeningYearly MaintainenceBrokerageIntraday
Motilal OswalRs 550Rs 900.5 & .9%Buy & Nil Sell & .25% to .4%
Angel BrokingRs 350Rs 300.50%.06%
Kotak SecuritiesRs 750Rs 50.59%.06%
Geojit BNP ParibasRs 800Rs 400.30%.03%
HDFC SecurityRs 999Rs. 550Higher of 25 or .5%Higher of 25 or .05%
IIFLRs 750Rs 450.50%.05%
ICICI DirectRs 975Rs. 500(mail statement) Rs 450 (email).55%.05%
BonanzaRs 600Rs 275.50%.05%
VenturaRs 1000Rs 400.45%.05%
IDBI Paisa BuilderRs 700Rs 350.50%.08%
IndiabullsRs 1350Rs 450.30%.05%
Reliance MoneyRs 950Rs 210.30%.035%
ReligareRs 499Rs 300 (email) Rs 480 (paper statement).3%.06%
SBIRs 500Rs 386.75%.05%
SMC IndiaRs 499Nil.30%.03%
CanmoneyRs 200Rs 200.35%.01%

3. Stock Broker having 3 in 1 Account Facility

In the present time,different stock brokers are available which are providing 3 in 1 account facility to its customers. 3- in1 Account is a unique account that integrates an Online Trading Account, Bank Account, and Demat Account on a single platform for your stock market transactions. They will give the trading facility of NSE and BSE. The fund will automatically get credited to your account when you sell the shares. Only your trading determines to choose the types of the brokerage you want to choose.   Select any stock broker according to your requirements to get best revenues. You have to choose best stock broker among several discount brokers and full services brokers. Do homework to get knowledge about stock brokers before investing in the trading market by comparing brokers in India. Enjoy the trading with your desired stock brokers to get best results of the investment.

Sl NoBrokerNameAccount OpeningBrokerageAnnual Maintainance
1icicidirect logoICICI DirectRs 9750.275% (Intraday) 0.55% (Delivery) 0.05% (Futures) Rs 95/lot (Options)Rs 500
3HDFC_Security-logoHDFC SecuritiesRs 9990.05% (Intraday) 0.50% (Delivery) 0.05% (Futures) Rs 100/lot (Options)Rs 750
3IDBI-Paisa-Builder-logoIDBI Paisa BuilderRs 7000.1% (Intraday) 0.65% (Delivery) 0.1% (Futures) Rs 100/lot (Options)Rs 350