Brokerage Calculator

Brokerage Calculator

As we know that stock broking industry is growing at faster pace now. The stock trading surge counts to such growth. Along with the importance of brokerage calculator is also multiplied. From the large network of 100+ brokers, there are certain number of leading stock brokers who added brokerage calculator as a necessary tool in their product lists.

Need of Brokerage Calculator

Brokerage Calculator gives the optimal value of brokerage/commission which the stock broker charges for his trading services. Apart from calculating the brokerage charges, the brokerage calculator is also programmed to display the extra charges involved. For example STT/CTT, stamp duty, SEBI Turnover Fees, transaction charges, breakeven-point. The brokerage calculator serves to form the layout of expenditure in the beginning only. So, before starting with any broker, you can initially check who provides the best brokerage plan.

Brokerage Calculator and similar tool

In addition to the brokerage calculator, you can also get the benefits of the Margin Calculator as some share brokers provide both to make the client experience easier. With margin calculator you may estimate the margin estimation to process further with a particular position and need not worry about the limited fund. That can also be called as the Cash and Carry (CNC) Margin Calculator or Intraday Margin Calculator. One can get the 100% correct value of their total outlay with the use of brokerage calculator.

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The brokerage calculator is also known as the Equity Delivery Calculator and Equity Intraday Calculator. The calculator is utilized in different ways. You may get the simplified idea of broker’s calculator below:

Brokerage Calculator for Equity Intraday
Brokerage Calculator for Equity Future
Brokerage Calculator for Currency Future
Brokerage Calculator for Commodity
Brokerage Calculator for Equity Option
Brokerage Calculator for Currency Option
Brokerage Calculator for Equity Delivery

So, we think you have at least get the basic idea of what brokerage calculator is all about. It includes all your brokerage along with the break-even points, profit and loss and other up-front charges as discussed above. Go and get the right stock broker that best suits you. No need to worry more about how to get all charges together. What are they and why they are needed. Leave it all on your brokerage calculator, it will compute all your doubts. Go ahead with your trading and rise. Happy trading!