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Top discount brokers in India and endless possibilities..

A decade ago, the trading technique was much different than that of today. The concept of discount broking has changed the trend and the methods to get the best discount broker in India are also diversified. The discount brokerage firm can be a stepping stone to a different level of trading with minimized expenses. Earlier, the full-time brokers were initiating a trade for the clients despite the heavy brokerage fees. The high charges were due to research services and advisory. However, that fact has restricted the trading opportunities to a particular class. As not all the traders were able to pay such high brokerage cost demanded by the full-time brokers. Since the discount broking idea came into the limelight, it is highly admired by the large section of people. The act was compatible to numerous interested traders.

Best Discount Stock Broker in IndiaIf we talk about the range of Discount broker, it can serve clients as a best online discount stock broker, discount commodity broker etc. With the perfect discount brokerage company, you get a doorway to the money making path with least spending. Either consult with the financial advisor or experienced traders in the stock market, you will find discount brokers getting more value. The discount commodity brokers in the market offer the good online advantages in one form or other. The trading platform is one of them. One can notice negligible glitches with tech driven trading tools. That also gives you the exposure to the smoother trading track.  

While searching for the right discount broker in India, you can view some background details to ensure the credibility. That helps you freely put money in the market. You can also find few discount brokers without the local branch offices. Be watchful at specific things. Make it clear that the discount broker is registered and have a membership of well-known stock exchanges like NSE, BSE or MCX etc. Rating and review, stock forums or referrals links can redirect you to the good online discount stock broker in India.

Origin of Discount Broker in India

In 2010, the discount stock broking was commenced. The flat fee brokerage had been introduced by one of the renowned discount brokers. The profit and benefits traders reaped through discount brokerage firms were countless. The recent survey clearly states that the online discount broker is preferred over the full-service brokers these days. The large part of trading volume has been fueled with the discount brokers out there. They are less expensive than the traditional brokers. The  urge to spot the best discount broker in India has also been increased among traders.

Gear up your trading with best discount broker in India

The increasing urge of people to trade in the stock market to earn additional income has widened the stock broking industry. You can find many internet driven discount brokers in India. The list of discount brokers India 2018 with a perfect discount broker is also discussed later. The tool and product rendered by the right discount stock broker has good charting features, more indicators, back testing features, Historical Datareal-time quotes, intelligent Inbuilt Scanners, magnified EOD Reports customized market watch list, heat maps etc. You can find top discount broker by comparing it on really needed things in stock trading.

The discounted brokerage firms have subdivisions like standard discounters and deep discounters. In other words, the commission charged by a standard discounter is nearly half than that of full-service brokers. By the deep discounter term, we mean the ones who offer 60 to 90% lower brokerage than the traditional brokers.

The prime discount broker have many other facilities like 24*7 support services, nicer trading tools accompanied with the sharp in built features comprising stock quotes, better charting tools, the accurate information on the current stock price, current dividend and many more. The customized approach of the broking industry has been boosted and diversified by covering all traders’ community. That drawback of restricted trading to a particular section of people has been vanished with discount brokers emergence.

Leading discount brokers and more..

Before moving straight to the best discount broker in India, first, have a look at basic terms like: Who are the discount brokers? How are they different from the full-time stock brokers?

What is  discount broker?

Discount brokers are stock brokerage firms that run trading at discounted commissions by executing various trade orders you place. They dispense great discounts in order to expedite trading benefits to all types of traders out there. You can easily buy or sell shares in the market at much lower brokerage with the help of leading discount broker in India.

Discount broker Vs Full service broker

Difference between a discount broker and full-service broker?

A stockbroker is a registered member of the stock exchange and is given license to participate in the stock/securities market. They allow trading/investing in equities, commodities, FNO, FDs, Mutual Funds, IPOs, Bonds etc. The discount brokers offer much-reduced brokerage rate to it clients than that of full-service brokers. Therefore they are also known as budget brokers. However, they do not provide services like stock market advice, reports, research, tax planning, consultations etc like in case of full time brokers. You have to manage such things on your own. Full-time brokers such as ICICI Direct, HDFC Securities, Kotak Securities, Sharekhan, Motilal Oswal etc. offer the discussed facilities but charge a large amount of brokerage for the same.

Leading discount brokers like Wisdom Capital, ProStocks, RKSV, Zerodha, Trade Smart Online, SAS online etc are product driven and follow the current market status. They are faster in their services than the traditional brokers. The other point of difference is Full-service brokers have more branch offices than the discounted stock brokers. Clients can visit their respective brokerage firm offices to resolve query and seek clearances.

Additionally, you can also witness contrast between a discount broker and a full service broker with the help of transaction cost on low price shares or on options trading. Many discount brokerage firms charge a minimum amount for stocks downside a particular price. Despite low priced stock would give them a minimal amount they can protect brokerage for sure if calculated in percentage terms. Likewise, in the case of option trading, many brokerage houses have a flat amount for each contract. That is somewhere in favor of the respective clients.

Importance of discount stock broker

The new age traders know the real value of discount broking companies. Today everyone is fond of internet. The fact is true as we all find things easily on internet. It has brought revolution in the stock broking industry too. The race of online stock brokers to get the tag of best discount broker in India is already seen in D-street. The arrival of the online discount brokers has set a unique trend by its highly appreciable internet based services. They are efficient and support paperless technology. The trading account opening process is faster through the top online discount brokers. Their count of facilities is not limited to low brokerage only. They also provide brokerage calculator. Using that, you can get the idea of overall brokerage before positioning money in the market. Additionally, they give call and trade facility, nice back office support, cooperative customer support, technology driven trading terminals, good mobile trading app etc. The discount stock brokers in India not only avail the quick trading practices but also let you earn the profit on the go. Online penny stock discount  brokers have 30+ pro features which distinguish them from their full service counterparts.

Discount brokerage firms: Imparting the inevitable profit

The facts that boost the origin of discount brokers in India are many. The progression they incurred in the short time has reflected their trust factor among the public. The commencement of trading with the captioned subject ‘discount broker’ is proved profitable on the large scale. Regardless, what might eventuate in a long run of your trade journey, people trust the online discount brokers. You can’t predict the market risk. A privilege of a regulated system may take you straight to the 100+ trading opportunities sometimes.

Either you choose the bifurcated system or a single born organization of discount broker, it depends on you. The factor does not restrict the money you make in your future trading. In case of a discount broker, you are largely on your own. In contrary, the retail investors need research calls from brokerage houses as they are not at all aware of right shares to buy and sell.

Additionally, when you trade stocks with your discount broker online, that will save a lot as compared to the trading you do on the telephone. You may be fortunate in these regards if your discount broker provides standby mechanism if your internet or the broker’s connectivity is hampered in any way.

Online discount broker in India and customer geography

Best Discount BrokerThe discount brokerage companies in India have gained the special attention of the traders. They offer best brokerage rates lined up with the least support wait time, faster withdrawal processing, 24*7 customer support service, quick order execution, automatic fund updates and other notifications. All these factors have contributed in forming trust among the traders. However, you can find the higher client base with the full-service brokers. That does not indicate they serve better. Instead online discount brokers are more approached these days. Also, the reason why traditional brokers have visible customer geography is their direct connection with the banks. Yes, you may find the brokers like ICICI Direct, HDFC Securities, Angel Broking with many customers. On the other hand their services are not that satisfactory corresponding to the reviews and comments of the traders. The discount brokers have shown their solid presence in the matter of few years only.  

A thought on best discount broker and commissions

Fees and expenses are an important considerations while choosing stock broker. If you see, all trades take your money to the same stock market then what’s the need to give excessive amount. You may find brokers claiming that they can give facilities to trade a few seconds faster than their competitors. Even that rarely works in favor of longer-term investors. With the sufficient knowledge of the stock market and best discount broker in India, you can easily manage your money in the market. For that, you do not need to pay a higher commission on per trade basis as in case of a full-service broker.

What do you get under the premises of leading discount broker in India?

You get more than what you pay for!

You get absolutely feasible rates on brokerage with the best online discount broker. So when you are moving ahead to invest in the market, choice of discount brokerage firms can be good for you. As you all do online stock trading with the purpose to multiply the profit, right? With discount internet stock brokers, you just need to pay least to meet the high return potential depending on your trading technique. Discount brokers are often found unbiased. As they do not poke you time to time with the research calls and recommendations. You do it freely based on your understanding of the stock market. Suppose your full-time broker charges an average fee of 2%, and you replace 1/3rd of your portfolio every year. For that, you would pay around 1.34% of your portfolio’s value every year in commissions only.

Best discount stock broking company: Combo of less brokerage and a remunerative margin fund facility

The advantage of discount brokerage firm is not limited to the lower charges only. They also provide good fund to execute high positions by offering sufficient margin for it. You need not worry in situations when you fall short of money to access a particular order. They fulfill the requirement by giving the fund facility based on convenient terms and conditions. For instance, online discount broker like Wisdom Capital offers the highest intraday margin in equities.

Traits certifying eligibility of best discount broker India

  • Demat trading account opening is completely free.
  • Availability of add on plans to ensure flexibility.
  • Call and Trade facility.
  • You can trade on all popular stock exchanges in India easily.
  • 100% security to your shares and personal data.
  • Quick fund transfer
  • Technically sound trading platform
  • Excellent customer support

Prime discount broker in India and its terrific features

Best online discount broker ever: 100% Free online trading/Freedom plan in brief:

Best Discount Broker in IndiaHave you guys ever thought of free trading? You might have heard about the discount brokers providing the most discounted trading plans. But, apart from it, what if you get completely free trading alternative in your basket. Yes, it is possible with broker trending as the best discount broker in India. Although not all discount brokers offer such lucrative scheme, still few claim to offer such an option. However, according to the recent survey, we found Wisdom Capital as the only broker offering the zero brokerage in all market segments for a lifetime. That helps you combat market volatility with 0% loss on the brokerage part. Means, in addition to free demat trading account opening, you do not need to pay even a penny on your brokerage. The idea made it appear as the best discount broker by giving tough competition to the top 10 discount brokers in India. Wisdom Capital actually offers three brokerage plans namely freedom, pro, and ultimate plans. The plans have the long reach as they suit almost all kind of traders. The discussed unlimited trading zero brokerage plan falls under the freedom plan category. The freedom plan enhances the broker’s presence among its discount broking counterparts. Yes, the broker we have just talked about has splendid strength in few years only. The free trading plan has inspired many traders across the country to actively participate in online stock trading. The consistent high degree performance of the stock broker has made it outshine the other leading discount brokers in India. 

Best discount broker and charges linked

It is true that the discount stock broker in India offers the minimum brokerage cost to the investors. One should also be aware of some other charges entailed with them. They are STT, CTT, stamp duty, SEBI turnover and transaction charges. You can check them with the help of brokerage calculator provided on the online broker’s website. It is presented by all top 10 discount stock brokers in India. Such a tool helps you estimate the overall brokerage in the beginning only.

List of Top 10 discount brokers in India

  • Wisdom Capital
  • SAS Online
  • Trade Smart Online
  • Zerodha
  • 5 Paisa
  • Trade Plus Online
  • Trade Jini
  • Prostocks

Rivalry counterparts of a best discount broker in India

  • Zerodha
  • SAS Online
  • Trade Smart Online

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