top 10 stock brokers in India

Top 10 Stock Brokers in India

The move towards Indian stock market needs some specific research first. One can easily take a right step by exploring the Top 10 stock brokers in India. Selecting an online stock broker is one of the most vital judgments when you are an investor. So, dealing with various aspects is not that easy. The top 10 share brokers list may contribute a lot to minimize the deciding time. Every patron has an exceptional investment style that may help to determine which online broker can be the pleasant suit. With the help of top 10 brokerage firms in India, you can easily catch the right broker. As here the traffic of 100+ brokers is reduced to 10 leading stock brokers in India. That list is formed by comparing the most important parameters. The brokers kept in the list really deserve to be appointees of 10 major share brokers in India list.

Here, we have compiled a short evaluation of the top online stock brokers in India. Each stock broker is recognized for something unique. That makes it picky to its competition. The intention of this review is to make the most of those unique elements. Comparison is done to check if they provide discounted trade facility, brilliant customer service, or a standard incredibly rated trading platform.

Check below mentioned factors of Top 10 Share Brokers in India to decide

Low Brokerage Stock Trading:

In the top 10 stock brokers in India, the brokers offering low brokerage rates are also listed. As nowadays, trading has affected the large network of people. So it has covered different traders across the country. One of the major factors of concern is high brokerage for many traders. So while selecting top share broker the investors should choose those stockbrokers who provide low-cost online trading services in India. When you explore the Top online share broker List, prioritize the one offering lowest brokerage that may lower your overall expenses too.

Margin Fund Facility

Another crucial standard that acts as a benchmark for comparing brokers is margin fund availability. One can easily trade on high positions too without any trouble regarding limited funds in his account. As there are top stock brokers who offer high margin too. There are brokers offering margin up to 40X, 60X etc. That varies broker to broker.

Trading Terminals – Ease of Use

Best trading platforms make it very simple to place trades, either through the main dashboard or through a watch list. Several platforms were not easy to navigate and required numerous steps to discover the securities you desire to trade. The most excellent platforms give several alert options for extra superior criteria than simple price activities.

Mobile Apps

Mobile stock/share trading is becoming more and more popular these days. It is highly admired as you can easily trade on the go while using such an application. The best share brokers in India listing involve such feature too. Quality apps by leading brokers have the portable versions of the main platform. That gives you the opportunity to trade conveniently, make alerts and fund accounts dynamically.

Some other factors to consider while comparing Top 10 Brokers in India

Trading platform might be one of the most vital features of online stock trading but there are other things to look at while reducing top 10 stock broker list. Along with cost structure of such brokers, few other points should also be given attention. They can be add on plans, customer support channels, in built trading software development etc. Check the demat trading account opening charges and maintenance fees too.


The price might be the first issue you’ll search for whilst you start online investing. Recently, the various brokers in our lineup reduce their costs, some pretty dramatically.

Trading tools:

In addition to online platforms and cellular apps, we looked at several of the other buying and selling tools supplied by each broker. Technical indicators permit you to observe marketplace tendencies; most traders discover a few they like to use, however, we did recollect the full variety provided. Different beneficial tools we searched for encompassing a forecasting tool and threat vs. reward analysis, each of which could come up with long-time period perception for your positions.

Instructional assets:

Whilst you start online buying and selling, be sure to analyze the educational resources the broker gives. Our reviewers looked at both the platform training and the financial support education supplied by each broker on our lineup. Chief brokers in India, have the education and training facility that guide newbies in the stock market.

Investment is an extra ordinary method to build wealth and one can encounter huge from trading if trades smartly. Stock market investment is not a tough process, there are number of share brokers who work to help traders. When you invest in the company’s stocks you are undertaking stake part from its ongoing business and ultimately you receive part of profit too. The two types of shares/stocks are common and preferred.

Education and training by top 10 brokerage firms in India

Top 10 brokerage firms include brokers that also give stock tips and recommendation. As the stock market’s state changes frequently, the uncertainty puts the traders in a baffling state that where to invest or hold or sell the stocks. In that case, such stock brokers help them to revive the zeal and trade wisely. The approach can be improved with the right broker in India but there is not any surety regarding potential return.

The stock brokers involved in this Top 10 stock broker section highlights right brokers in India. They not only provide knowledge base, but also provide video tutorials and step-by -step training on an extensive array of topics beyond the fundamental capabilities of the program.

Even experienced traders can take benefits of the educational sources offered by 10 major stock broker. All the websites we reviewed offered some aggregate of blogs, webinars, articles and courses about investing. This type of records is beneficial in teaching you ways to trade for shares online.

The Top 10 stock brokers in India are mentioned in both the broker’s category further. One can select the right broker as per one’s trading requirements. You don’t have to trouble about choosing best broker. As first decide category and then check out the plans of Top 10 online stock brokers and decide the one that suits you. See, it is that easy.

List of Top 10 Stock Brokers in India

Wisdom Capital


RKSV security

Trade Jini


SAS Online

Trade Smart Online

Tradeplus Online

Ventura Securities


Top 10 Full- Service Stock Brokers in India

ICICI Direct

HDFC Securities

Motilal Oswal

Angel Broking

SBI Securities


IDBI Paisa builder



India Infoline

The need to collect the few prime brokers in India emerges to cut short the huge range of stock brokers prevalent these days. This is good but it makes traders confused about the top broker. They are worried how to choose the right one. So we hereby, have given the list of 10 leading stock brokers in both the categories of brokers. Moreover, we have all set the important measures that should be considered while filtering top 10 stock brokers to reach the perfect broker. The broker that functions parallel to your trade needs. The whole section is written by keeping in mind the advanced trade essentials. We hope you find it useful. Thanks for your time.

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