Zero Brokerage for Commodity Trading


Commodities touch a huge cross-section of investors, including farmers, exporters, importers, manufacturers, and governments. Given the numerous risks that corporates face in this well-knit, globalized world – Commodities offer numerous opportunities and display enormous growth potential. We are a registered Trading-cum-Clearing member of Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX) and National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Ltd (NCDEX). These two Commodity Exchanges have shown a phenomenal growth in trading volumes. We offer a clearly differentiated product to our clients with a strong focus on research.

After extensive research we have two developed two revolutionary zero brokerage trading plans designed to satiate the trading need for traders who trade in low, medium or huge volumes and helps them save brokerage to a great deal.


 365 Freedom Plan :

Under this scheme you may have to pay only one time trading fee of Rs.5555/- for one full year unlimited trading with unlimited exposure.


 Lifetime Freedom Plan :

This is first of its kind trading plan in India. Under this scheme you may have to pay only one time trading fee of Rs.9999/- for lifetime unlimited trading with unlimited exposure.

Not just that you also enjoy all the following support under this revolutionary zero brokerage trading plan:


 Free Online Trading Terminal for all Segments :

We offer free trading terminal for seemless trading in all the market segments namely commodity, Commodity and Currency Segment.


 Free Training Classes :

Free training classes are conducted regularly to hone the trading skills of our customers.


 24×7 Service Support :

You can be assured of real support at the time of need. Our representatives will be happy to answer your queries 24×7.


 Individual Back Office to Track your portfolio :

Now you can track your own portfolio with the help of our individual back office software. The access for this is free.


 Special Research Team :

We have a team of highly professional research experts to guide you better with crystal clear research reports.


 Client Payout on same day :

You can withdraw your funds at your convenience and the payout will be made on the same day.


 Easy Account Opening :

We make account opening a much easier process for you. You are just a call away from opening your account.


 Single Trading Terminal for all Segments:

You can trade in Equities, Commodities and Currencies using a single platform


 Dedicated Branch Support :

Your account will be completely taken care by the branch and you can be assured of the excellent support.


 Hassle Free Back Office :

The back office software is perfectly designed for superior performance and provides a hassle free trading experience


 Unlimited Exposure :

Be ready to enjoy unlimited exposure which will empower you to play bigger games at ease.


 Unlimited Trading :

Satiate your hunger for aggressive trading through our unlimited trading plan with only one time trading fee for one full year.

Now that you know the real value of your money. Without delay you know what to do now.


Open your Zero Brokerage Account with any of the two best brokerage plans.